Finding Balance

A Story of Healing from a decade of Vestibular Disorders
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Vestibular Healing

Signs of Hope
We spend so much time noticing vestibular symptoms that it’s easy to lose track of the small improvements. Getting better is not linear – there are many ups and downs --so it is especially important to celebrate these small victories. Victories like these ---

Life Balance:

“Finding Balance is the story of my journey through healing: the medical facts as well as my personal perspectives. It’s a story of physical changes that transformed me not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. It’s a story of loss but also of gain. In its simplest form, it is the story of my recovery from the cold and the airplane flight in 1996. But it’s really about nothing less than restoring balance to my life.”

Emerging from the fog:

“During the next week I began to realize the emotional flatness and the fog were lifting. The invisible shield between me and the rest of the world was disappearing. It was such an elusive symptom; I hadn’t even realized it was connected to the balance problem. The interest in new things and the energy I felt were signals of a return --to myself.”

Having a few good days:

“I felt better yesterday than I have for a long while. I am excited about continuing to rest and rebuilding my reserves. Those glimpses I have of feeling close to 100% are intoxicating. They come when I am restful and restricted in action but still they come and that’s where I need to start.”

Breaking old patterns that no longer provide positive rewards:

 “This week I need to do as little as possible so I can see how tired I really am. I am feeling depressed and aimless. I know it is especially due to fatigue, when I am tired I am down. And secondarily it is depressing I have no reserves of energy. There is also a small percentage of feeling useless and aimless. That last part is worth acknowledging because I need to break the pattern of moving into action, getting busy and finding a new goal to feel worthwhile.”

 “As a friend or family member you feel helpless – you watch the ups and downs but have no idea how to help. Finding Balance gave me new perspective and confidence that came from understanding the struggle”

Friend of Vestibular Patient

“The book about being dizzy, and healing from it – dizziness, vestibular problems, balance disorders, vertigo, dizzy, perilymph fistulas, Menieres, endolymphatic hydrops, BPPV, mal de debarquement, crowd motion sickness, and more.”