Finding Balance

A Story of Healing from a decade of Vestibular Disorders
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Endolymphatic Hydrops

Endolymphatic Hydrops (Also Known as Meniere's)
is a swelling that results from fluid imbalance in the inner ear and it causes dizziness and nausea, like almost every other vestibular disorder. I was diagnosed with hydrops along with fistulas but it took years to get the hydrops managed.


“Dr. Black
was convinced my vegetarian diet was the root cause of these persistent, recurring hydrops episodes that defied the usual diuretic control. I was not convinced but I started the Zone Diet at his recommendation. Once I reviewed the diet, I could see my vegetarian diet was woefully deficient in protein. I continued to eat primarily a vegetarian diet, relying on soy protein, but I also added fish. The results were rapid and positive – I began to feel less nauseated and experienced far less dizziness within a week.”

A Few Things I Learned:

  • The Zone type diet is key to managing hydrops
  • My herpes was triggering hydrops episodes so I took medication daily for herpes
  • Drinking enough water was critical and this amount changed based on season and temperature
“The book about being dizzy, and healing from it – dizziness, vestibular problems, balance disorders, vertigo, dizzy, perilymph fistulas, Menieres, endolymphatic hydrops, BPPV, mal de debarquement, crowd motion sickness, and more.”